Service footprint 
Service is at the heart of every Kiwanis International club, no matter where in the world it’s located. Kiwanis members stage nearly 150,000 service projects, devote more than 6 million hours of service and raise nearly US$100 million every year for communities, families and projects. Key Club members pitch in 12 million hours of service each year, and CKI members another 500,000 hours of service! Aktion Club members donate another 92,000 hours of service every year. Add it all up, and that’s more than 18 million hours of service every year!
 Rules for Article Submission

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1. Who is eligible for membership?
A. 1) Everybody over the age of 18 years. 
2) Former Key Club members after graduation from high school, dues are free for their first two years.
2. What is the requirement?
A. Passion to serve and commitment to our goals.
3. What is the procedure?
A. Submit an application form, series of interviews & background check.
4. Is there a fee?
A. 1) Background check fee $20.00 one time (for new members)
2) Initiation fee $50.00 one time (for new members)
3) Honorary Membership fee $75.00 for the year (Oct-Sept)
4) Regular membership fee $150.00 for the year (Oct-Sept)
Rate is pro-rated if you join in the middle of the fiscal year. 
5. Can the fee be waived?
A. Financial consideration is possible. Fee can be payable in installments over a period of time.
6. When is membership renewal due?
A. Membership needs to be renewed every year, before Oct 1st for the upcoming fiscal year.
6. What is Honorary membership?
A. Honorary Members cannot hold leadership office positions like President, Secretary, Treasurer, Board members. They may head committees, membership chair, write articles, initiate projects etc
7. What is expected of me once I get membership?
A. 1) Attend conference call / email meetings.
2) Report monthly service hours at the end of the month
3) Active member dialogue through forum is encouraged
4) Promote the club's projects and fundraisers, do your own fundraisers like yard sales or any other
5) Suggest & initiate community service projects (after board approval).
8. What is community service hours?
A. Any number of hours you spend trying to help anybody are the community service hours, that need to be reported to our secretary at the end of the month. It is a Kiwanis International requirement. This may include feeding the hungry, distributing warm clothes to the poor, concession stands at different rallies and parades, educating and mentoring, cleaning the city, reading to kids and seniors, helping special needs people, volunteering at shelters, schools, libraries, hospitals etc
9. What are the club's current projects and fundraisers?
A. Club Goals for the year 2015  are :
1. Scholarships for high school graduates. 
2. Diabesity Awareness, fighting childhood obesity.
3. Supporting other non-profits like Kiwanis Family House in Sacramento, Relay for Life California, Special Olympics, United Cerebral Palsy of Central California, Children's Hospital, Madera.
4. Donations needed of good condition woman clothing, jewelry, shoes, bags and other accessories that are sold on poshmark to generate funds.
5. Seasonal fundraisers and events, stay connected to know what's current.
6. Donation of books and dictionaries to different reading projects.
7. Supporting youth development, growth and leadership programs.
10. How can I initiate a project or fundraiser?
A. Submit your ideas, fundraiser by 5th of a month to be included in that month's meeting agenda. The project has to be approved by board before being implemented. No work shall be done using Cyber Kiwanis name without approval which includes fundraisers, service and advertisement etc
11. I am in another city, how can I donate for Poshmark?
A. 1)You can donate by mailing items to 1262 Princeton Ave, Hanford, Ca 93230.
2) You can shop or promote our foundation and key club closets amongst family and friends who can shop too. Site links are found on the side bar of our website.
12. Can I apply for scholarship?
A. No, scholarships are for key club student graduates only.
13. Can a high school in my neighborhood become a key club?
A. Yes, through your efforts and contributions, a high school in your neighborhood can become our sponsored key club and scholarships can be awarded in your area. For details contact us at
14. What is Organization/Corporate membership?
A. Any organization, company, business can chose to be corporate member of CVCK. Membership fee is $175 first year, then $150 for proceeding years. The organization has right to vote in the meetings. They receive free advertising on the website, in newsletters, brochures, and flyers.
For any other questions feel free to call at 559.639.3084 or email us at You can also utilize the forum to reach us. 
Thank you.